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Yuyao Jieda Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Alibaba store has been officially opened!

After several days of preparation, Yuyao Jieda Electric Appliance Co., LTD. Alibaba store has officially opened! Product...

How to use the manicure grinder?

There e are many kinds of nail polishers on the market, but the usage is the same. When using the polisher, select the head you need, put it on the main machine,

What is a brushless motor?

A brush motor keeps turning by touching the rotor with a brush. It is open - loop. The BRUShless DC motor detects the rotor position by the Hall element,

Brushless motor working principle

Brushless DC motor USES semiconductor switching devices to realize electronic commutator, that is, electronic switching devices instead of traditional contact

General design to elaborate

Perhaps, the competition of detail just is higher competition level. Among the various similar products on the market, consumers tend to choose products

Brief description of function and structure of manicure grinder

Manicure suit box is a professional manicure and nail care product with multiple functions. As long as you own it, you can have beautiful and charming nails