Brief description of function and structure of manicure grinder

2019-12-19 00:00

Manicure suit box is a professional manicure and nail care product with multiple functions. As long as you own it, you can have beautiful and charming nails (the same function for toenails). The following is the functional structure of this product:

1. Manicure device host, with the rotation function of fast and slow, can be used at will as long as the accessories are put on.

2. Metal grinding head, rough grinding type (with the function of removing dead skin)

3. Sand wheel to polish head and fine polish skin layer

4. Sand wheel to polish head, trim and polish nails

5. Wool polished head, smooth nail surface

6. Brush head and clean broken nails.

7. Metal nail remover to remove dirt from inside nails.

8. Nail polish placement (no nail polish included)

9. A dryer outlet that helps freshly polished nail polish dry quickly.