How to use the manicure grinder?

2019-12-21 14:44

There e are many kinds of nail polishers on the market, but the usage is the same. When using the polisher, select the head you need, put it on the main machine, push the switch (there are two options, fast or slow), and then slowly move the rotating head closer to your fingernail or toenail, so that you can shape your desired shape as you wish. It can also be used for polishing and exfoliating. It's very convenient to use.

Well, let's start with the second type of grinder

I. Operation method

The polisher can be used for nail care, repair, base treatment, gel repair/nail removal, and finishing, so let's go into details

First, nail care

After soaking in water to soften the dead skin, push the dead skin from both sides to the nail with the special dead skin of the polishing machine, pay attention to control the appropriate strength, and push up the cutin under the dead skin; Remove dust from the surface of the fingernails on both sides of the fingernails; After subtracting dead skin, select the grinding head suitable for the area of the finger's skin state to grind the hardened cutin around the nail;

Select the suitable grinding head to polish the nail surface;

After the nail surface becomes smooth, throw the luster in the order of black, white and gray;

Second, the repair

Attach the grinding head to the crystal/gel and remove the thickness of the construction part and the thick gel at the back edge

After using steel to push the dead skin horny, select the most suitable grinding head for the condition of skin and nails to clean and remove the remaining horny under the dead skin

Cut a face

Using the radian of the grinding head, the thickness of the nail after the nail is evenly polished;

In order to get even thickness with the front end of the nail, use a fine grinding head to finish the high and low drop.

To avoid skin damage, use a rounded tip to remove dead skin around the finger edges and correct the overall shape

After rubbing the surface with bubbles until smooth, use deerskin polishing head to polish the nail surface until smooth

Third, base treatment

Exfoliate the dead skin around the finger rim

Remove fine dead skin, barbs, etc

Iv. Final Modification

The gel can be removed with a grinding head when applied to the back

Remove the hardened glue applied around the finger edge